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Customer Service

Customer Service

1. Service Concept

User first, serving users

2. Service Principle

1. Take the user as the center and meet the needs of users as the principle, and implement family-oriented services.

2. Respond quickly and act immediately. In a short time, use effective methods to provide users with satisfactory services.

3. Track the user's usage, and visit the user from time to time, so that the user feels that the service of Xinyuandong Plastic Container is nearby.

3. Service platform

A service hotline has been set up, through which users can report problems to Xinyuandong Plastic Containers. The service center operator will make a written record of the problems reported by users and keep them on file. Xinyuandong plastic containers require customers to be warm, polite, enthusiastic, and standardized when answering calls, simple and clear to answer questions, and careful and meticulous records. There are three musts: be sure to record every problem reported by the user; be sure to deal with every problem reported by the user; be sure to review every processing result.

4. Effective service supervision mechanism

In order to standardize the service order, Xinfeng Machinery has formulated strict regulations and management systems to supervise and inspect service behaviors, and resolutely punish service violations one by one, so as to improve service levels and ensure service quality.

A friend who is worthy of the trust of customers:

Quality and reputation are the cornerstones of a company's existence. We pay attention to every request put forward by our customers, we give full consideration to every detail, we actively do a good job of service, we strive to open up a broader vision, through unremitting efforts, we have won a good reputation in the industry, all of this, and constantly Inspires us to serve our customers better. The most important thing for people in my hometown is to know how to reflect the requirements of our customers. We will never be satisfied because of our previous achievements. In front of all new and old customers, we are happy to contact you in a simple and simple manner, and understand your needs more deeply. For the enterprise, every time of cooperation is every new experience and challenge, and we are always with you at any time. High-quality and trustworthy service experience makes our service into the hearts of every customer.